Friday, December 25, 2015

Power of women semen - Husband got Pregnant

After Mistress Anamika & Jungle Queen Sheena who made pregnant their slaves Jeet & Prince of Persia,Another girl from Ecuador named  Diane Rodriguez fucked her partner Fernando Machado so hard that he got pregnant believed to be the first of its kind in South America, on social media earlier this month and it's received widespread attention in a continent.

Fernando was from Venezuela and moved to Ecuador after falling in love with Diane.He told media that he was not aware of the fact that the lady for whom he fall in love with has a 7 inch cock inside her pants.When I came to know about the fact after our date I was resistant to do sex with Diane.But she locked the room and did my rape.I shouted but the language of this region was not familiar for me so She said something to the people who came to help me outside her house.After some minutes I started loving sex with this giant Blonde.
On other hand Diane Rodriguez told she found Fernando much sissy in real as his Facebook profile where they first met.He is much lighter guy and I enjoyed lifting and fucking my boyfriend too much.He is too much sexy I fucked him daily twice.
Both Couples are happily living together in Ecuador Diane is parliamentarian while Fernando worked as housewife.Both agreed on marrying as opposite role where Fernando will be Diane wife..

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